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Crossbond Feather Touch Matt is a next generation Matt effect UV Coated Decorative Wood Panels. Surface of this panel has been treated with 10 layers of UV coating bringing in an enhanced matt finish and appearance. This ready-to-use finish board solution provides an ultimate luxury at a convenience. This collection of Feather Touch -Matt comes with an Anti-Fingerprint Finish, making it an Ideal panel product for Furniture, Wardrobes, and Bathroom Vanity.


Shopping Malls
Living Room
Petrol Pump
Home Office
Machine Casings & Furniture Accessories
Curtain Walls & Internal Wall Finishes
Study Room
Curtain Walls & Internal Wall Finishes

Crossbond Feather Touch Matt Panels are produced with advanced unique technology, going through a variety of industrial processes, in which adhesive and UV lacquer is applied to MDF boards. The state-of-the-art coating line with a length of 150 meters is first of its kind in India. In the patented coating process that achieves break-free adhesion to the melamine coated surface, German PUR adhesive coating is applied to the melamine surface. After the adhesive coat has gone through chemical curing, outstanding hard surface which is resistant to scratches, impacts, and wear is achieved. The multiple layers of topcoats, which harden with UV rays, provide an excellent level of matt Each board is packaged individually for ease of use.

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